Our team specializes in bringing the joy of dance to any audience and for any occasion. We'll craft the choreography to bring your vision to life, supply the DJ to keep the party going, and bring the professional photographer to capture every moment.
Elite Dance Events is ready to help you make memories that will last a lifetime.





One of the most memorable dances in your lifetime will undoubtedly happen on your wedding day!  The team at Elite Dance Events will help you prepare for all your dancing needs. Prepare for a classic first dance with your spouse and/or parents or design a fully-choreographed piece for your guests, wedding party, or spouse!  Whatever your needs, we'll tailor our instruction to show off your strengths and make sure you feel comfortable and confident on your big day.

A Quinceanera celebration should be filled with dancing! If you want to make your father-daughter dance really special, include your damas in a fun and memorable tribute, or even kick off your celebration with a surprise flash mob to your favorite song, Elite Dance Events can make it happen!  As you plan your special day, we encourage you to dream big--and dance bigger!






Flash mobs are popular at large public gatherings; a group of people perform a spontaneous, fully choreographed dance piece to surprise those around them. These are popular at weddings and engagements, but also at gatherings like birthday parties, fundraisers, and protests. We can provide dancers to perform the flash mob or we can choreograph and teach a dance to your own group (no dance experience required). You choose the song - we'll handle the rest!

What if your child's next birthday party included a special visit from the Sugarplum Fairy? Bring the magic and grace of your child's favorite storybook characters to life right before their eyes! We will send a character to attend your child's party in full costume! Your character can even perform and/or teach easy-to-learn choreography to your attendees. The sky is the limit for what we can bring to your next party or event - creativity is welcomed!




Don't cancel your loved one's party because of COVID-19. Instead, let us help you create a front yard dance performance and celebration just for them! All participants during your even will be wearing masks and remaining socially distanced. We'll bring the music, you bring your loved one's favorite dancers (no experience required), and together we'll ensure that COVID-19 doesn't rain on your parade!



Let us help you put together an intimate, sensual, romantic dance and/or photoshoot--a popular choice for people celebrating anniversaries and for brides-to-be! Pop a bottle and learn a sexy chair or pole dance to impress your partner with! You can perform it live or we can create a video for you to shInvite your friends or rock your boudoir workshop solo. We'll make sure you feel comfortable, confident, and fabulous!